Our services

GPR Prospection

Sectors | Application and methods

We operate in the non-destructive characterization of civil and industrial infrastructure through GPR...


Laboratory of Analisys

Environmental impact Assessment (V.I.A.), compliance studies, environmental monitoring...

Civil – Industrial


Detection of objects buried underground using geophysical techniques...


Mineral | Agro-food
Crude, chemical and petroleum products | Samplyng System

Organized and equipped with mobile laboratories for sampling...


Naval certification

We can provide a wide range of services and certifications for the shipbuilding industry...


Industrial plants | Second part

To assess the direct and indirect effetcs, cumulative and synergistic, permanent and temporary...

SMI – Stress Magnetic Investigation

Stress Magnetic Investigation

We operate in non-destructive diagnostics for the verification of metal structures integrity...


Sampling systems

automatic sampling systems according to UNI EN ISO 3171 for liquid goods...


Our Group was founded in 1976 involving a series of important professional experiences, in an Italian Market, which was, at that time, characterized by a rapid growth and strong presence of foreign companies.

Over the years, there have been several subsidiaries and associated companies who took life abroad (PCC du Brasil, PCC International, PCC Egipt, PCC Libya, PCC Croatia, PCC Slovenia, PCC Australia, etc...).


Head Office

Catania 95127 | Via Cagliari, 56 | Italia
(+39) 095 375494