Industrial and commercial sites

Radar investigation with the multi-frequency array permits to detect the presence of many type of sub-services. The survey is conducted in order to have the longitudinal and / or transversal scans along the length of the concerned area. These scans have the main purpose to identify areas, in the ground, with different dielectric value, through the topographic maps displaying.

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Building sector

PCC Group has operated for more than ten years in the non-destructive characterization of civilian infrastructure using GPR (ground penetrating radar), sophisticated instrumentation (GPR IDS with antenna arrays 200, 600 MHz up to 1.6 GHz) and data processing software.

With the over the years gained experience, PCC Group has in place technical specialists in the acquisition and processing of radar data with the purpose of buried objects searching (sub-services), spills and especially non-destructive testing of concrete structures, ensuring continuous checks on state of conservation of load-bearing structures and products in general.


Industrial sector

Detection of buried objects in the ground and their characteristics using non-invasive geophysical techniques, is a discipline of undisputed interest with a wide variety of applications. An example is the maintenance, monitoring and repairing of pipelines, oil-pipelines, tanks, water pipes, electrical cables, telephone wires, and all of those infrastructures that, in most cases, are placed in the ground, or archaeological researches where the primary objective is to locate settlements and artifacts with the least possible damage.

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